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Find out about my history, my design philosophy, and some of the solutions I've been able to create. 

User Experience

See how I approach communication through technology and how powerful design can be.

Motion Graphics

Whether it's on a commercial, a website, or through a gesture, motion is how we communicate. See some of my latest work here.

A strong focus on communicating ideas, big and small, through impactful user-centered design solutions is what draws me to experiences between humans and the tools that we use. With a background in 3d animation (maya), web development, and graphic design, I take pride in delivering solutions that are equal parts innovative and cognitively sound.

Featured Motion Graphics: The Larger and Smaller Picture

Vanderbilt came to me with a problem. 'How to communicate an important initiative to the employee population using only graphics and the tools they have internally?' The first motion piece represents a small piece of the larger marketing solution. It was used as a marketing pitch by administrators who framed our initiative to professionals in the larger health community and as the first of a series of videos that are to be used as advertising. The second piece outlines a smaller section of the larger picture of initiatives. 

Each of these pieces were created to set the stage for both the initiatives and new software created to solve the greater problem of seeing more patients, more efficiently. The approaches used in defining these problems were designed to present a complex problem as simply as possible - thus the colors, movement, shapes and even the audio: each part was carefully created to give the impression of an upbeat, attainable solution.

Software Used: After Effects, Maya, Premiere, Logic, Reason

Motion Graphics, Music, Animation, and Directed by Josh Keckley

See UX/UI to see the software I've created to support.

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