Logos and Identity

Every brand has a story. For most, the first impression a person has with a brand is in how the logo is presented. There's always a delicate balance between the methods, palettes, tones, moods, and stories brands want to tell with their logo, but it ultimately comes down to a play between the audience and product. Here's a few of the logos I've had a chance to create.

Print and Advertisement

Design in it's purest form comes down to how it is presented in a tangible medium. This can be digitally or through more traditional means, but to me there's always something special about getting to physically hold a design. Here's some print materials I've created in the past.

Websites, Web Design, and Content

I've had the chance to work on a whole slew of sites and content. Here's a few that I've either created, contributed content to, or designed.

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Occasionally, I get the opportunity to apply my eye to an odd-ball job or two. Here's an example of one where I came up with a palette for an outdoor area that would feel both classic and modern.

I used a 5 color palette that incorporates both earth tones and modern saturation. You'll also notice a blend between geometric angular patterns and natural lines. This gives the space a more inviting sense of warmth. Click the image to download the full image.

Click to download the file as a pdf.

Click to download the file as a pdf.