Motion Graphics

Motion is all around us. Whether it's on a commercial, a website, or through a gesture, it's how we communicate. Throughout my career I've had extensive experience in delivering solutions using Adobe After Effects, Maya, Shake, and Premiere. I take an openminded approach to the way I develop video solutions in that I do not limit the types of pieces I create to the limitations of the software I know. If a new route is needed I'm always excited to try approaches.

Vanderbilt Nursing Initiative One: SBAR

This is the second piece in a series of motion graphics videos I've created in support of new initiatives in the Vanderbilt Hospital/Patient Care world. I created this and 4 others like it using a variety of methods mainly focused in after effects. The themes colors, and shapes are all simple as they are intended to reach the largest audience possible.

Directed, Animation, and Music by Josh Keckley

Software: After Effects, Premiere

Vanderbilt Patient Flow Initiative

Vanderbilt came to me with a problem. 'How to communicate an important initiative to the employee population using only graphics and the tools they have internally?' This motion piece represents a small piece of the larger marketing solution. It was used as a marketing pitch by administrators who framed our initiative to professionals in the larger health community and as the first of a series of videos that are to be used as advertising. 

Directed, Animation, and Music by Josh Keckley

Software: After Effects, Maya, Premiere

2013 Motion Example Reel

This work represents about 5 years worth of pieces using a variety of different styles. 

Directed and Animation by Josh Keckley

Software: After Effects, Maya, Smoke, Shake, Premiere, Compositors Toolkit


Deloitte Healthcare Outlook

What does health data tell us about the health industry's outlook for this year? That's the fundamental question behind this yearly piece produced by Deloitte. In keeping with their corporate identity, I created a complete graphics package to enhance the video series. Here is the first piece from that series.

 Animation, Editing, and Music by Josh Keckley

Software: After Effects, Premiere, Logic, and Reason

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