User Experience, Design, and Communication

What does it mean to communicate through design? Can design make a good experience great? I believe in the power of design. I have strong focus on communicating ideas, big and small, through impactful user-centered design solutions is what draws me to experiences between humans and the tools that we use. With a background in animation, web development, and graphic design, I take pride in delivering solutions that are equal parts innovative and cognitively sound.

I believe that good design focuses on the audience, form, and clear communication. As a creative director, I take a research-driven approach where the best solutions often come from knowing the problem that's trying to be solved and the venue in which the final solution will take shape.

My latest work for Microsoft: SQL Database, DocumentDB, Azure Search

Case Study: Two Step Photo Login


In the medical field as with many, security is paramount. Often this doesn't translate well to the mobile world. One could leverage current techniques of a simple username and pin or password model, however one could pose an alternative using current technologies as being a better route. In this UX, I ask: What if you could take a photo of an ID badge and check it using photo recognition technology coupled with a pin to login? But it could go further. Ie- why not a specific photo of something on your desk coupled with a pin?


See the full solution including the relative interaction, design methods and cues by clicking the image below. You'll notice a few different routes the user could take from the opening screen as you begin to examine the usage flow.

See the full Functionality. Click Here to enlarge

Featured Previous Work

If you would like a detailed UX-UI sample package to see my process and how I make things. Contact me and I'll send you a workflow.

Geo Replication in Azure SQL Database

In this solution, we've eliminated the cumbersome steps of setting up geo-redundancy. The design of this flow has dramatically reduced the time and technical prerequisites required to set up this feature.

Custom Dashboards in Microsoft Azure

Recently, we opened up the capability of multiple dashboards in the Azure portal. The design is pragmatic, opening up the new feature in the simplest way possible.

Microsoft Azure Overview - Marketplace, Resource blades, dashboards and more...

I've had the chance to work on tons of features for Microsoft Azure over the last year or two. Here's a pretty good synopsis of some of them. Specifically, my designs are Marketplace, Dashboards, and the Resource Blade.

Microsoft AppSource 

Along with my colleague, Kris Owens we designed and executed Microsoft AppSource - an exchange for SaaS apps for business. We designed it to take as few clicks as possible to acquire an offering.

You can check it out at:

An exploration in coffee


The Tie/Shirt palette picker app that picks complimentary colors based on an initial image. This app was designed initially as a pattern recognition concept which yielded better results using the color driven model. The theoretical implications and future editions of this 2 step app could be for any object or color as a palette chooser.

Triage Robot Spec

Preliminary CAD cad model mockup for triage robot research proposal. The Robots were designed for the Vanderbilt Biomedical Engineering team in cooperation with Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine research as a sort of efficiency goal - ie: is it possible to enhance patient throughput using standardized flow models delivered by a robotic interface? In this case, using a variety of methods including touch, image recognition, and fluid collection combined with a non-threatening robotic presentation was the key.